Monday, August 25, 2008

New Orleans (or, What I've been up to)

I headed down to New Orleans for a week to visit my dearest friend. She moved down there this year, and I hadn't been to see her in her new place. I had a month to kill in between the bar exam (boo!) and starting work (yea!), so I seized the chance.

I tried all the traditional local fare - including an oyster po boy and jambala. Yumm!

And of course we found the closest cupcakerie, The Kupcake Factory in Kenner, LA. We got quite a sampling (which was easier because they thankfully had mini's). We tried hummingbird (which looked and tasted more like those , chocolate chocolate, wedding cake, oreo, reeses, coco-nut, and red velvet. I think my favorite was the wedding cake - it tasted like a cupcake version of a perfect sugar cookie (which may have partially been because of the colored sugar on top). A close runner-up was the coco-nut. The chocolate-chocolate had a complicated taste that was good, but didn't give me the fudgy-satisfaction that I'd really hoped for. Also, they were out of their signature fat elvis cupcakes when we were there. That made me sad.

Of course, they all had too much frosting, but I think that's almost necessary in order to get a pretty cupcake.