Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear Dorie:

I was excited about being back at home and somewhat settled in and generally able to get back in the swing of TWD. My new kitchen fought back. I bought a great ice cream made by a local creamery on Sunday night and had everything all nice and planned out. My ice cream tort was going to be the best EVER!!!

My freezer is dying. By Monday afternoon, my ice cream was completely liquid. Ewww! I hate my new fridge. I've called the maintenance people... and I'm still waiting.


Di said...

That's incredibly annoying. I've had my fridge freeze things, but fortunately I've never had my freezer melt things. I hope it's better soon.

LJ's Mama said...

Are you talking about Homestead Ice Cream? I got some for the Baby's Daddy's birthday. He loved it.

Elizabeth said...

Of course I'm talking about Homestead! I (thankfully) had a bite before putting it in the freezer (for quality control of course), and it was wonderful... but that makes me more sad about the soup-state it is currently in. I wouldn't mind so much if it had been cheap/sucked.