Sunday, August 10, 2008

TWD will return next month - when travelling and moving are really done.

Until then... an update on part of what has been keeping me busy.
One of my dear friends got married on Friday, and I made the cupcakes for her wedding! What an incredible honor!
It was a perfectly beautiful ceremony and reception overlooking the mountains. I can't imagine a more perfect setting, or a wedding more perfectly suited to the bride! She looked beautiful, and we all had a great time!

The cupcakes were 2 dozen lemon with raspberry filling (Dorie's Celebration Cake). Since I couldn't exactly layer them the way you would a cake, I injected the jam filling instead.;
2 dozen chocolate almond (modified Dorie Chocolate cake), with a dark chocolate buttercream icing (modified from Martha's dark chocolate buttercream); and
carrot cake with cream cheese icing (Dorie's Bill's Big Carrot Cake).
Those are little blue fondant birds to tie the cupcakes in with the small 2-tier real cake with which they were served. I ordered the custom fondant-cutter on etsy, and it was absolutely perfect!
The cupcakes turned out to be much easier than I was afraid they might be. It was actually kinda fun.


The Food Librarian said...

Wow!!! These look fantastic. What a lovely gift and memory to give to the bride and groom. I'm sure they will always remember their special "cake."

LJ's Mama said...

I saw this post about Corn on the Cob Cupcakes & I thought of you.

Pamela said...

Congrats to your friend and the cupcakes look so good!