Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I may not be the best student, but I can be productive.

Studying for the bar sucks. Now that I've got that out of my system, I can update on all of my projects!

My herb garden is actually growing! I'm so proud. My little babies are getting big!

I also decided that I really needed to organize all of my cookie cutters. After pondering it for a few days and wandering the aisles at Wal-Mart looking for ideas, I decided to go with a filing system in picture/shoe boxes. While there is a little extra room on the sides, this actually worked out really well. I was pleased with the results. I can hide them from view, and keep them tidy! I really think that this will keep them easy to find as I need them. I used large index cards as dividers/labels.

I also finally gave in and bought giant (25lb!) bags of sugar and flour and bins to put them in. I has been putting off buying large quantities because I wanted to find the perfect containers for them first. I finally gave in and just bought what I could find. The containers aren't as pretty as the ones I dream of, but they seem to function really well so far. They are even more comfortable to work with than I imagined. Yay!
Over the weekend, I even got out of the house! A friend had a Belmont Stakes party, so we enjoyed Whiskey Sours (my fav!) and there was much merriment. I had planned to take the tartlets I was making for TWD, but as my earlier post mentioned, that didn't work out well. Because I didn't realize this until the last minute, I had to throw something together in a pinch. I had most of the ingredients for Bush cookies, and it's one of my stand-by crowd-pleasers. Unfortunately, I didn't have as many of the ingredients as I thought I did. So, it was 1/3 wheat flour (obviously, this was before my giant flour purchase), had no nuts,and had a combination of semi-sweet mini-chocolate chips and regular milk chocolate chips instead of the chocolate chunks I normally use. End result? Everyone still loved them, but I think that this recipe really is much better with chunks. I love melty hunks of chocolate.

Finally, I set up an Etsy shop, The Stepford Kitchen! I'm still working on getting up listings and setting up the shop itself, but I'm excited. I just worry that others won't love my food as much as I love making them. I'm focusing on sugar cookies, since they won't melt in the crazy heat this summer.
Really, really... TWD coming soon.


Ellie said...

Yes I made it onto your blog!!! I just started reading it! Love the pics...do you have more from the party. For the record, the cookies we're delicious, and I have eaten about 40 in the past couple days...ahh!

Elizabeth said...

Ellie: You're so cute! You were the best hostess ever!!! I'll post the rest of the pics to facebook, I swear.