Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TWD rewind: Big Bill's Carrot (Cup) Cake

OK. I'm posting the right recipe on the wrong day and the wrong recipe on the right day this week. I swear I'll be better starting next week. I swear! As for this week, TWD will be on Wednesday, and this old TWD recipe will be today. Got it? Good!

I made Big Bill's carrot cake,in cupcakes. I plan to make these for a friend's wedding, and this was the test run. They are the best thing I've ever made. I'm in love. And I really want to eat all of them myself! I just need to figure out how to make the cream cheese icing more stiff so that it will stand up and be pretty for the wedding day.

And yes, they oozed. But the ones in regular cupcake wrappers weren't nearly as bad, and it gave me a good excuse to eat all the bits that overflowed. Yumm!!!


rainbowbrown said...

Yum. This was my first TWD recipe and I loved it too. You've got to love the ugly oddballs that the baker can eat right out of the oven.

Michelle H said...

My husband loves when cupcakes run over and dome shaped cakes. That means he gets to eat it all! LOL

Di said...

I'm glad you enjoyed these. If I recall correctly, a lot of the people who made this recipe as cupcakes ran into the overflow problem.

Jules Someone said...

Messy, perhaps. Delicious though, I'm sure!

Jaime said...

i really liked this recipe but enjoyed the pastry queen's recipe even more - it is THE best carrot cake recipe IMO. if you are looking for a cream cheese icing that will stand up, try this recipe - i just found it and would like to try it so i bookmarked it:


Jaime said...

let's try that again - maybe this link will be easier to copy/paste :)