Friday, June 20, 2008

WOW! (a picture-less post)

As I recently mentioned, I started an etsy shop. I am so thrilled - I got my first 2 orders. I'm still working on the details for my first order (for favors for an August wedding) and I have favors for a kid's birthday party coming up! I can't wait! And someone is already inquiring about regular orders of one of my cookies! Perhaps more exciting than all of that, some of my friends are letting me bake for them! One of my friends is even letting me do cupcakes for her August wedding!!!

I guess mostly I just wanted to toot my own horn. I always imagined that no one would want to pay me to bake - I greatly enjoy it, and this is terribly exciting!


I Sit Beside You In Class said...

So, I guess that's it for the legal world?

LJ's Mama said...

If you baked naked, more people would pay you to bake.