Thursday, May 29, 2008

VtV - spinach

Another one of my favorite veggies! I do not like iceburg lettuce. I think it is a silly veggie (although I am loathe even to elevate it to the level of veggie), and should not be tolerated, much less allowed to be passed off as a 'salad' in restaurants across the country. It makes me sad.

Because of this, I became close friends with caesar salads early on in life (because at least there was some green in romaine lettuce), but thankfully, sometime in my early twenties, I discovered that you can have a salad with a non-lettuce base! This was truly a glorious day! It's sad that I can't remember the exact date, so that I can celebrate this glorious anniversary. :( I discovered the spinach (and more often, baby spinach) salad. Glorious! There were months of law school in which the healthiest thing I consumed was a salad of baby spinach, craisins, and raspberry vinegarette. Occassionally, I would add a hard-boiled egg, a bit of grilled chicken, and/or some cheese. Basically, I was addicted (and I still believe that dried fruit and spinach is a combination ordained by God).

Now, after all that, I wanted to make a cooked spinach dish for VtV this week. And another kind blogger (The Picky Apple) inspired me by cooking chicken and spinach stuffed shells. Yummm! It was meant to be. So, thanks to The Sisters' Cafe, here's this weeks VtV -I'll let you get the recipe from them.


Anonymous said...

Spinach stuffed shells are one of my favorites. You can't mess them up. Once I ran out of ricotta halfway through stuffing, so used silken tofu. Great! Once my mom and I ran out of ricotta and subbed in some cottage cheese. Great! And they're really so easy, but people think it's difficult.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I agree - there is something about spinach, dried fruits and nuts that are just a perfect combination!

Stuffed shells are awesome! You are bringing me back to my childhood with this dish!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

Elizabeth said...

Amy: That's awesome! I had no idea that they were so flexible.

Queen: My mom didn't do a lot of cooking, so I'll just tag along with your childhood memories on that one. ;)

Jen said...

I love stuffed shells! Thanks for the VTV entry.

Elizabeth said...

Jen: me too! It's a new fav!