Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ice Cream Cupcakes

I was inspired by Cupcake Project's ice cream cupcake challenge. I had a huge bag of strawberries in my freezer, and had thought that they'd make a good ice cream. Then, I found vanilla ice cream in a 1/2 gallon jug from the local creamery in my grocery store. It seemed like the universe was suggesting that I make strawberry ice cream, and of course that meant that the cake had to be chocolate!

I used a star-shaped pan to bake the cupcake in, and then used the same pan to freeze the soft ice cream in. I cut the cupcake in half, and placed the moulded ice cream in there, and then froze it all together. I served it covered in hot fudge with a strawberry. :)

As it turned out, the ice cream didn't come together perfectly, and I'm not sure why. So, no more trying ice cream in a bottle. It did freeze solidly in the freezer, but I think the end result was closer to ice milk than ice cream... and that doesn't make me happy! However, the cake froze much better than I hoped, and was actually quite good, even right out of the freezer. The combination was definitely a good decision, and the ice cream, while not amazing, still tasted OK.


Stef said...

The combination sounds delish! Sorry the ice cream didn't work out as you had hoped. That happened to me once. It was very annoying. Thanks so much for joining in the round up!

Scoopalicious said...

this sounds so yummy!

you know, I keep running into the icy ice cream problem too. I read that if you macerate the fruit in sugar for a while before mixing in, it is supposed to help.

they look SO wonderful though. Can't wait to try...maybe for my sister's next birthday -- she LOVES stars!


Kristen said...

Those look and sound fabulous!!

Mara said...

those look so cute!! i love shaped projects. choco strawberry sounds yummy. i used ice cream already in the freezer in the interest of time!

Ivy said...

I gotta find a star shapped pan. Where did you get yours. Is it the silicone kind? I have hearts and squares, but stars sound cool. :)

This cupcake is so awesome!
It reminds me of a chocolate covered strawberry.

Lisa said...

I love the star shape and the look of that fudge! Yum!