Friday, September 19, 2008

More cookies

The Man's mom had surgery yesterday, and I'm headed down to join them/keep them company for the weekend. In response to my offer to make some real food (maybe a casserole) for the family, the Man suggested cookies instead. More specifically, he suggested that I try peanut butter cookies again (and see if I couldn't produce a chewier version), or maybe chocolate chip. So... I made peanut butter chocolate cookies!

I started with a recipe for peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, but used dark chocolate peanut butter instead of regular, and mini chocolate chips instead of standard-sized. The result was a dense (perhaps too much so), lightly flavored (definitely not too sweet, at least in my book) cookie. The mini chips are so small as to not be noticeable on their own; instead, they add a little sweetness and little more chocolate flavor (but still not a ton). I think it's definitely a more grown-up cookie, while still being pretty simple and content with itself. And it's chewy.

Since this was a new experiment (I hadn't even tried the recipe as written before), I made sure to do some quality control. I packaged most of the cookies up for travel (and protection from a hungry pup), but put the last few in a take-out box to take into work with me so that everyone at work could give feedback (or so that I could munch on them all day).


hayleynichols88 said...
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hayleynichols88 said...

I LOVE that gift box! I've been dying to find something like that for my girlfriends for christmas! You're so good giving foodie gifts : ) who doesnt like cookies and especially when they look as great as those?!

Elizabeth said...

hayley: I think I may have gotten it at A.C. Moore or Michaels, a while ago. They were super-cheap too! When I see something I think is cute, I feel like I have to grab it up and hold on to it until I have something the right size/shape for it! It's a compulsion.