Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cupcake Hero Ponderings - Earthday

This month's theme for cupcake hero is Earth Day. I was really stumped by this one, and was desperate for inspiration until I found it! I was looking at the finalists for Martha Stewart's cutest cupcake contest, and it clicked. Someone submitted a cupcake in a mini terracotta pot, with an actual green plant sticking out of it!

I think I'm going to do a mint chocolate cupcake with a sprig of mint 'growing' out of it. The mint can either be eaten or planted, because mint grows really easily from cuttings! It's like a (single) herb garden in a cupcake! I think it'll be cute... and the mint icing will already be green, so it'll make great grass. I think I'll try it both with green mint grass and with crushed oreos over it to look more like dirt. We'll have to see.