Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm back from Hawaii! (and somewhat recovered)

I had an amazing time! There were snorkeling, and helicopter-riding, and hiking, and amazing food, and waterfalls, and beaches, and all-in-all, it was paradise. I think that I really ought to take the bar out there instead of here. Really, it's just so perfect. I highly commend the trip - if I had unlimited time and money, I never would have left.

As the purpose of the trip was a birthday of one of the people we were visiting, I felt I couldn't show up empty-handed. So I baked! I was rushed, so I went with a recipe that I've done before, but modified it a bit. I made the brown sugar pound cake, but tried adding dark chocolate chips, and splitting it to make 2 bundt cakes. That solved my earlier problem of overflowing, and actually made two perfectly-sized cakes. It makes me a little angry to think that the original recipe didn't just say that! I finished it up right before we left so that it would be as fresh as possible when we arrived, and I let it cool in the car on the way to meet Chris. At Chris's place, I wrapped it up and tucked it in my luggage. Surprisingly, it came out largely intact (with one edge only slightly squished) more than 24 hours later, when we actually arrived at our first Hawaiian destination - an amazing B&B on the big island.