Monday, March 31, 2008

Charleston Recap

I made a special point of making the girls swing by the Cupcake bakery in Charleston so that I could try them out and return with yummy pictures. Unfortunately, they had signs asking that no pictures be taken in the store, so I had to settle for a picture from their website.

I chose a chocolate peanut butter cupcake. There was no way I could even sample more than one after all the sweets we had already eaten. Hot pralines are irresistible! The cupcake was good, but not amazing. The icing looked lovely piled high on the cupcake, but I think presentation has to come after taste. The icing was wonderful (better than the fairly plain cake), but there was way too much of it. The cupcake was smaller even than normal (not filling the liner), so there really was more icing than cake. Boo! Still, I loved the peanut butter icing; with 1/4 as much, it would have been better.