Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year - same goals with new motivation

I tend not to subscribe to ideas such as lent and new year resolutions. However, this year I seem to be possessed of a bit of motivation that coincides with the changing of the year. Here are the goals:
1: work out - alternating weights and cardio. Mostly, this consists of old woman workout videos, but so far, that's working (for a whopping 4 days). It lets me work out in my house, without worrying about shaving or what I'm wearing. Today will be the first test, since classes started back, and my schedule is much more hectic now.
2: track my food - keep up with the calories primarily, and keep that number down closer to where it belongs. Things amounts of food I let myself eat have been disgusting! Sparkpeople is a huge help. It's how I'm tracking my food, and it's a huge help!
3: catch up on knitting - start finishing up the projects that I've already started, beginning with the quickest (a scarf), and working up to the largest (a blanket). I am absolutely not buying anymore books, yarn, or needles until I finish these projects. Of course, I already have ideas for the projects that'll come next. Hopefully enthusiasm for those will get me through the end of the ones on the needles right now.

The motivation for all this self-improvement is partially the result of going to Body Worlds again and being reminded of how ugly fat is, and partially the result of looking at pictures of myself. I am half-tempted to print the particularly offensive picture and post it in my kitchen and in my fast food change cubby in the car. I'm grossed out and really motivated. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep the momentum up. Hey, already, I am not as sore from the workouts!