Friday, December 14, 2007

mmmm... Christmas

It's Christmas-time! I (in a spirit of procrastination) decided that I should decorate our house in Lexington for Christmas. This was also partially inspired by the fact that our classes run late into the year this time, so our exams aren't over until December 20th!. I couldn't do without Christmas until the few days before Christmas!

Then, as an extra gift for me, it snowed! Of course, it was only for a day, and gone the next, but it was enough of an exam-time treat to greatly improve my mood! So, of course, I took pictures!!

While I dislike all the exam stuff, and all the mandatory traveling and money-spending (OK, I do enjoy spending money, just not the lack of it afterward), I absolutely love Christmas-time. I love the decorations, and the time with family, the music... and all the fatterning food - and I also love the constant reminder of the joy of Christ's birth. There is an extra peace that comes with the hubbub this timeof year.
Since decorating the house only took about a day, I had to also throw a Christmas Dinner for my friends up here. I was feeling hostess-y and really wanted to do some holiday dinner cooking. I made two giant hams, two vats of butternut squash soup, a ton of corn on the cob, fried okra, mashed sweet potatoes, pecan butter, and a funfetti cake shaped like a tree. I gave in and just bought the pies and bread. It was a huge spread! I even had eggnog, hot cider, and hot chocolate.

I decorated the main table by wrapping it like a present and served the food in gift tins. I lit the house in Christmas lights and candles. All in all, I think I got the Martha Stewart out f my system, and I think it may have even been a good party!