Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Done with exams

This morning I awakened early to get to school for my last exam of the semester, and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Snow! Again! Tons of giant snowflakes that were ticking to everything. It was beautiful. It kept up until sometime after I sat down to take my final, and had finished before I turned it in. In fact, by noon there was no sign that it had ever been here, other than the muddy footprints on uncarpeted floors where I sold back my books.

When I got home, there was an extra surprise. Apparently, the UPS man thought I needed an extra reward and let someone else's package at my door. The intended recipient had the same first name and the same street number (although not the same street) as I do, so I can understand how the mix-up happened. I didn't even notice that it wasn't addressed to me until I opened it and looked at the packing list - it was all spices.

The only phone number I could find on it was the one for the company it was order from, so I gave them a call and they said they'd arrange to have it picked up after Christmas and they'd just send her a new one today. Of course, my roommate spent the time I was on phone pawing through the contents to see if there was anything good inside. He found Jamaican Oregano. I know that it was a real spice, but I just can't help but think that was a great slang term for pot. Neither of us do drugs, but that was where our minds went instantly.

Yes, I am delirious. I need sleep.