Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Baskets / Day Off!

Lexington has a great program - the Rockbridge Area Christmas Basket Program. They put together boxes of food staples for 2,500 families in the area this year. They'll deliver these boxes of food to families in need before Christmas, with a gift for each child. For some of these children, it will be the only gift the recieve, because their families can't afford any toys.

I took the day off Saturday, and spent the morning helping put the boses of food together. It's a great assembly line they get going for one morning a year. A ton of people come out to one of the horse center arenas. There are people stationed at each food item and each toy type, and the rest of us line up, grab boxes, and take them to each food station, until it's full and ready to go. Then, the strong high school boys carry each box, with it's destination label, to an spot designated for each destination area. It's a very cool process, with everyone working wonderfully together.

And now... Hershey!