Thursday, October 23, 2008


This month is crazy!!! I have been/will be gone every weekend! Since weekends are prime bonding time with the kitchen aid, it's been standing alone a lot lately. But it's totally worth it! I've spent the last two weekends in DC.
Last weekend I visited friends, dropped by a housewarming, celebrated passing the bar by going out in Adam's Morgan and being ridiculous, and touring the WEST WING and the White House gardens!!! (It soooo pays to know someone who is working in the White House!) It was kind of a mini-undergrad reunion (only conspicuously missing one of our CR foursome). There was even a Supermarket Sweep-style dash through Ann Taylor Loft as soon as they opened because I'd left my White House-appropriate attire at home (packed, in the garment bag that just didn't quite make it to the car). I was lame though, and my camera batteries died after the first picture I took! So, no more pics for me until I steal them from one of the girls I went with.

The weekend before, I went up with Mr. Lover and we did the Spy Museum (WAY COOL, and I hadn't been before), and the Holocaust Museum (he'd never been before). I thought they were both really well done, and it was nice to get away and spend some time with him. And we stayed in Old Town at this super- shishi boutique hotel that was pet friendly (so Hersh got to come too!).
This weekend, it's off to see my BFF in Gatlinburg for some wholesome craziness! Seriously, I LOVE Dolly Wood - don't knock it until you try it! (But first, tonight, to see Mr. Lover because it's his birthday!!!).


Robyn said...

CONGRATS on passing the bar!!! I know what a relief that is.

Isn't DC awesome? I went to law school there and miss it SO much! I was supposed to go one weekend this month, but it never quite happened.

Enjoy your travels!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on passing the bar! Never do it again. I went to undergrad in D.C., and sometimes I miss it. Except at election time. I hated it during election time. I toured the White House gardens once, they open it up one day every spring for tours. It was so nice! But I never got to see the West Wing.

Elizabeth said...

robyn: Thanks!!! It was great to spend a little time up in DC. I'm bad about only going up when I have a specific excuse, even though it definitely plays host to the highest concentration of my friends these days.

Amy: Thanks!!! It feels great! And yeah, I defeinitely won't be doing it again any time soon. I'm already in the mindset that I can never leave VA, because I just can't imagine doing it again (although the memories of the pain are already fading). I only spent 3 months living in DC, and I fell in love (and that was an election year!). I was really glad to catch the one fall weekend that they open up the gardens - I had no idea that they opened them up twice a year until this trip was planned! I can't believe that I might never have known! The WW was cool too - that's where the connections came in handy. I'm just mad that I didn't have extra camera batteries, because I would have loved to get more pictures while I could (he's a political appointee, so I don't know if I'll ever get the chance again).

LJ's Mama said...

Tell Mr. L Happy B-Day for us!