Sunday, February 3, 2008

Party Planning

I am hosting a Feb Club party. The one I was given is the American Gladiators themed party sponsored by one of our Journals. I was alittle worried about the theme at first, but now I'm really excited about it.

I've been planning - there will be the predictible decor - red and white stripes, blue Christmas lights, and lettering on the walls, etc. That isn't nearly enough, though. I enlisted a (very kind) friend who is in town visiting to paint giant Gladiators on plywood that someone else will cut the face out of and brace to stand alone so that people can stick their own face in and take pictures. I ordered star shaped ice cube molds to make jello shots in, and an ice luge mold.

I'm also planning a flip cup tournament to take place during the party, and the prize is this wonderful beer drinking trophy!
The food will all be themed, of course, with twizzlers; red, white and blue funfetti cupcakes; red and blue tortilla chips with salsa; and red and blue punches.
I absolutely can't wait! Now I just want to make sure that everything is ready by Thursday.