Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hawaii! (edited to reflect the places that we actually went)

I'm headed to Hawaii with the man! We head out on Thursday morning and return 10 days later. I'm terribly excited! We head first to

View Larger Map,where we'll be staying in a B&B with a bunch of his friends. One of them is celebrating a birthday, so they're all getting together to celebrate. I plan to bake some sort of something as a hostess gift/birthday gift, but I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what to make. I suppose I'll post something once I decide. I'm having to come up with something that's portable, chocolate, and hopefully delicious!

Then, it's off to Honolulu,
View Larger Map where we'll be staying with a couple of his friends who live on the island.

Then, the final stop will be on Maui
View Larger Map, where we're staying in a resort by the beach. It turns out that the resort has been voted the "most Hawaiian" resort, and they are quite proud of it. I totally believe it too. I would definitely return there.