Friday, July 4, 2008

My dining room

Perhaps it's better described as a Breakfast room. It's not particularly large, and it's right by the kitchen. Standing at the sink, I look right into it. My table is a several-generation hand-me-down, meant only for 2-4 people, and has definitely seen better days. There are eight mis-matched chairs around it (yes, including a computer desk chair). And I love it!

This is where people gather when they come over (even when it's more people than chairs). It's where I feel comfortable, and it lets me finish up things in the kitchen while people are here without being too rude. People often spill over into the kitchen (which is often where I serve food) and pretty much everyone feels comfortable helping themselves to the fridge and the liquor cabinet. I'm going to be sad to give up my house when I move.
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